California Mortgage Loans


About Us

We are committed to finding the best mortgage rates for you!  A mortgage consultant will listen to your specific requirements and recommend a loan that will enable you to achieve your goals.  Each of our mortgage consultants is a licensed Loan Officer with the experience necessary to find you the right loan and a great rate.  

How are we different?

Did you know that many other websites offering loans will sell your name and personal information to multiple brokers and lenders.  You will be called or contacted by a swarm of lenders, many of which will make unrealistic promises to get you "in the door".  Once they have you, rates may change and fees may increase.  

At you will be quoted a real interest rate and fees.  We don't use teaser rates!  We will tell you the rate and fees up-front and then put it in writing.  How do we do this?  Because of our preferred relationship with major lenders can lock in your rate the same day you decide to proceed with your loan.  

What is a Loan Broker?

A mortgage broker has relationships with multiple lenders.  Lenders encourage brokers by offering them lower rates to bring in the business.  It is very expensive for a lender to set up hundreds of loan offices.  Mortgage brokers offer a less expensive alternative.  As a Mortgage broker we have access to the best rates from the best Lenders.